yearly fee at only £10. 


We will be meeting on both Wednesdays and Mondays and you are welcome to do both nights if you can manage.

 The Beginners Group begins in 11 days with  all weeks meeting at the Duthie Park and only meeting at  Aberdeen  Beach on the final week. This will hopefully be  an easier way for beginners to chart their progress. It will be  organised in a slightly different way, hoping to offer more  support to totaly new runners whilst offering a seperate  programme for established runners looking to restart.


   We would appreciate any feedback, Negative or Positive about the Beginners Group from those who were there last year .     Many thanks Angela 


 please use the contact form or email us info@aberdeenrunningsisters.org or for answers to your questions check the Beginners Page     

             The beginners group will follow the format as below beginning on the 05/4/17



WEEK 1: DUTHIE PARK, meet at 6:30 outside the Winter Gardens for registration, meet and greet followed by walk/jog [whichever option suits] around park to get idea on grouping and support for following weeks. 



WEEK 2: DUTHIE PARK. 6:30/6:45 for registration then split into groups with LOTS of support on offer and start gently jogging for 1 minute then walking 1 minute or more in 2nd  group if able.



WEEK 3: DUTHIE PARK. 6:30/6/45, split into groups again and continue jogging/walking with lots of support on offer. You will probably be amazed at what you can do in a group situation.



WEEK 4: DUTHIE PARK. 6:30/6:4, split into groups and go along riverside/railway line 



WEEK 5: DUTHIE PARK. 6:30/6:45,   Lots of Fun and Group Games.



WEEK 6: DUTHIE PARK. 6:30/6:45,  split into groups for jog /walk around park,



WEEK 7: DUTHIE PARK. 6:30/6:45, charting and celebrating how far we have come..


WEEK 8: ABERDEEN ICE RINK. 6:30/6:45 .  5k along Beach Front [and yes  YOU will manage!!!!.



We run all year and you are all welcome to join us.



"I'm Too Old"

There are sisters aged 16 to 70+ with an equally wide range of abilities.  Some can run comfortably at around nine minutes a mile while others are content to jog round at a more sedate pace enjoying a chat.

"I'm too slow to run with others"

To begin with, you can mix walking with running and gradually increase the running.  Only when you feel ready should you increase your pace.  When you run you should be able to keep up a conversation with others - if you run out of breath, your going too quickly! 

"Does this mean I'm going to have big bulging

NO! What it does mean is that the muscles you've already got will be much more efficient at doing their job - and you'll probably find that your clothes fit better, too.

"I'm overweight.  Will running help me loose weight?"

Yes, if combined with a sensible diet.  But sometimes weight is put on as fat turns to muscle, although you'll look slimmer as "muscle pounds take up less room than "fat pounds"

"I haven't exercised since my school days"

Neither had many Sisters before they started running with us.  Others have done a bit of swimming, badminton, keep fit or aerobics, and these all help, but nothing is essential.

"I don't have trainers and running gear"

You will need a pair of trainers as opposed to plimsoles with flat soles.  These offer no support whilst running.  You don't need to spend a lot but we would advise you take time and ensure you get comfortable trainers that offer good support. .  Comfortable clothing such as jogging trousers/shorts a light tee shitrt or top. it is better to wear 2 thin layers than 1 thick top to save overheating.